[Scum Villain] CW #gore #blood #bodyhorror 

1. why did you keep me waiting

2. why did you come


I know Shen Jiu did literally everything wrong, but I desperately want a world where this asshole gets to be okay with his Qi-ge...

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[Scum Villain] CW #gore #blood #bodyhorror 

@chirart Oh! These are painful but gorgeously done! I’m very sad for Shen Jiu; he’s an asshole, but his life was so tragic and full of abuse. And yes, I also wish he could’ve lived with his Qi-ge the life he wished for. ;_;

[Scum Villain] CW #gore #blood #bodyhorror 

@kotsuki_chan they have SUCH BAD TIMING, UGH

[Scum Villain] CW #gore #blood #bodyhorror 

@chirart YOOOOOOOOOOOO yow right in the heart. <3 love how you went right for it with the last one.

[Scum Villain] CW #gore #blood #bodyhorror 

@kradeelav the SCENE came for my heart.... the detail of the blood drip avoiding the sword tassle will haunt me forever :(

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