@chirart i really love how you draw her. Have no idea what Nier's about (need to watch a liveplay of both games), but there's a sense of deep worldly-ness behind a projected facade, here.

@kradeelav Yoko Taro games in general would be up your alley (specifically, Drakengard 3 -- bloodthirsty murderous goddess killing her sisters and taking their loveslaves as her own as her RPG party lol)

that said Nier Replicant is a quiet tragedy but you'd looove Kaine. She's intersex and angry as hell over a life of being misgendered for it

exhibit A: youtube.com/watch?v=yG5ULEJ0wm

@kradeelav also she's possessed by a sleazy psychopathic serial killer who shares half her body with her, so she's mad about that too

again, you'd love her lol

@chirart YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL lmao (i'm like an hour into a Drakenguard 3 lets play and I'm already in love with Zero ........ rip me and ty again )

@kradeelav Zero is the ultimate dom, ilher so much, queen

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