A fantasy centered on the developing magic-science it's named after. It follows Luca Valentino, brilliantly gifted but denied the opportunity to study Sfeer Theory due to his heritage -- up until he catches the eye of a mysterious professor that employs his assistance.

Currently nearing the end of its 3rd Chapter. Please read if you like war politics, social commentary and queer rep!

@chirart @sfeertheorist been following sheer theory for so long now and gosh, y’alls writing and art continuously blows me away

@Aluhnim @sfeertheorist thank you sooo much! I'm pre-occupied with things but I intend to bring this chapter to a close before the year's done

Probably a cathartic read right now, considering the current place in the chapter has racists getting their asses kicked and told off js


@chirart i can't even remember where i left off but this makes me want to catch up or just reread altogether!

@chirart @sfeertheorist ok I have a confession to make: I started reading Sfeer Theory in like, maybe 2012?? not sure exactly when, bc I think you might have switched sites/reuploaded at some point? (I couldn't find accurate date stamps). I was 14-15 or so, it was the first webcomic I ever read, and it blew my socks off. I had it bookmarked on my phone, haha. it's been a huge inspiration as I've been doing webcomics as well, and I'm so deeply appreciative of it and of both of you's hard work!

@ashantifortson @sfeertheorist ashanti oh my gosh??? I don't know what to say to this when we've been following each other as we are

I'm glad we were able to serve as a huge inspiration for you. I'm the one who's honored. 😳 Thank you so much for sharing this with us 💕

@chirart @sfeertheorist I'm sorry I didn't mention it sooner, haha! not sure why I took so long, esp since I've been meaning to; waiting for the right time, ig??

either way, thank YOU for being great! keep on rockin. ✨

@chirart @sfeertheorist ohmg i Finally started reading this and i'm halfway into chapter 1 and the writing and the art are both just. amazing. thank you.

@thecojsz @sfeertheorist this makes me BEYOND HAPPY, thank you so much for reading!!! I'm so honored!!!

@chirart @sfeertheorist *whispers* i'm all caught up now and i'm in love with everything....

@chirart @sfeertheorist SWEET.

oh also. luca swearing in italian is my literal new favourite thing.

@thecojsz @sfeertheorist he swears like a sailor, just... not in a language people can understand him

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