Happy New Year! back! Chapter 3 cover is up to celebrate.

Pre-orders for the third book are also officially available until February 15, 2018.


Incidentally, for the next 4 weeks, Sfeer Theory will be updated every M/W/F, so get ready for the finale rush of the chapter!

@chirart @sfeertheorist ordered like yesterday. <3 also i can't tell you how much i want to literally + figuratively kiss this cover because SYMBOLISM and all that jazz.

(.... also did you two happen to research historical logos for [top secret massive ww2 project that ST is based on] because i got the distinct... feeling..... :P )

@kradeelav @sfeertheorist the cover is a bit of foreshadowing for things to come...! more literal than it looks

ALSO DEPENDS... WHAT YOU THINK WE'RE REFERENCING. If you mean the symbol on the left side of the image or in the marbles, that's less historical and more sfeer map related -- in the same way ST1's foil stamp is an artistic representation of Luca's personal sfeer map, this one is Ferdinand's

@chirart Omg I'm so excited for the end of this chapter :DDD And you're nearing the end of the crazy bar crowd scene, congrats!! 🎉

@chirart @sfeertheorist ahh I definitely need to catch up after my deadlines!

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