Something I'm delighted to discover at this point in my art development:

Being "good enough" does exist, and being "ready" for something you're working yourself up to talking is possible, but you can only arrive to those points if you truly invest in making all your mistakes as early and plentifully as possible. As the saying goes: fail early and fail often.

When I was younger I feared "plateau-ing" in my art development... I think a lack of improvement =/= a lack of growth. To plateau means you more or less learned to stabilize your skillset -- to improve means to refine your execution.

I think it's easy to take comfort that you always see visible improvement in your art and it's easy to feel dissuaded when you stop seeing it evolve... evolve your ideas and you'll never stop growing.

I used to fear consistency is a sign of stagnation, and it can be... but it can also be a sign of expertise. People can repeat their mistakes (stagnation) or they can repeat their successes (expertise) and it takes a dedicated craftsmanship to understand which direction you're nurturing.

@chirart yeah, i used to fear this a lot as a sign i couldn't grow more, but then i look back and see small refinements and am just happy i have consistently had a decent "base" to work from

too bad i haven't done much lately since life has been so busy so i don't even know where i am at anymore haha

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