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this is a complete list of vegan food options sold by starbucks 

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a message to all my cishet male followers: 

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We should celebrate teenagers that take action against climate change & can't be harsh on them for seeking reformist solutions and not understanding capitalism yet

We should be VERY critical of the politicians/NGOs/media who celebrate some hand-picked teenage climate activists while ignoring organizations like Ende Gelande or Hambach occupation or the indigenous organizers that have been in this struggle for decades

They try to steer the conversation in a direction that protects the powerful.

for everyone asking if I had a good time last night drinking with my friends: yes, until I started puking violently for like 8 hours 😬🤢

Furiously eating popcorn and posting and avoiding eye contact

Me, talking into my phone: Mal, buddy, New Year's Eve isn't today, I don't know why, no buddy today isn't New Year's Eve it's just not I'm sorry look I- hey just, ok no need to be sad, you're not letting me down ok?

:drake_dislike: myers-briggs personality test

:drake_like: "what pokemon are you" online quiz made by a 14-year-old

i've got dark chocolate covered raspberries, banana pocky, tropical hi-chews, and cinnamon dried apple slices. and mint lemonade kombucha. AND THEY WERE ALL EITHER ON SALE OR ON CLEARANCE. i'm fucking THRIVING

grinding up my wisdom teeth into a fine powder and eating some when I crave knowledge

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