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this is a complete list of vegan food options sold by starbucks Show more

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a message to all my cishet male followers: Show more

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getting into a fight at a fuck cabin and your head bounces off the cum-absorbed hardwood floors with a rainboot step sound

I'm having a rlly shitty day so I'm gonna post me and my best friend bc I need to see her pls send love

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my sugar daddy is officially back in the picture happy Easter to meeeee 🤑

Tell your boyfriend
If he says he’s got beef
That I’m a vegetarian and
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spending my sunday writing a heated letter to the local council because i am that bitcj

Trans girl transformation post, boosts welcome Show more

few know that wile e. coyote and the road runner began as soviet agitprop mocking cia efforts to kill fidel castro.

wile e. coyote - a literal 'running dog' - represents the military-industrial complex's ever-increasing desperation. the road runner's avian counterpart, geococcyx californianus, is also known as the 'snake killer' - a clear reference to castro's ousting of fulgencio batista.
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