I don’t like FPS, but playing Overwatch as support is fun.

Donut County is out today. I bought it, and I really want to play it instead of work.

But work helps me live, I guess.

Also, I want to spread the word because it looks like a fun game.

Monster Hunter World is way more fun than it should be.

Sometimes it’s hard to judge if making myself do something is or if falling into the ease of doing nothing is.

I really can’t stand when cartoons hire actors who don’t or can’t create a voice for a character. Man, I want more voice actors hired.

All this to say, I’m not feeling Disenchantment.

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on twitter you scream into the abyss
on mastodon we're all hanging out in the abyss, screaming, in a supportive and comradely fashion

Tootdon app on the iPad is pretty good for tootin’.

I need to get back on that train so my stomach will love me again.

In a demo meeting and thinking about everything but the demos.

Been working mostly in dev for the last couple of years, but found out I need to put together a design portfolio for a potential client.

Looking at my old stuff and not happy. it's okay, but man it looks like it was created so long ago.

Convincing myself not to run today because I have laundry to do is one of my sadder moments. But I also feel really clever for thinking of the excuse because I really, really do need to do a lot of laundry.

I need to carve out some time to get back to some reading. Just not feeling anything right now.

Maybe it's time to get back into fiction after years of just reading non-fiction.

I’m thinking of doing a video game review podcast. Seems strange, but I don’t have a capture card. And I don’t want to simply have a blog.

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So... There seems to be a common misconception where people assume all of Mastodon has 180,000 users because mastodon.social says it's home to that number of users.

The real number is closer to 1,5 million. Those 180k are only mastodon.social users and there are like... 3,000 other servers?

I wonder what I should do. 🤔

Picked up No Man’s Sky this week and love it. I haven’t even played online yet and the few planets in my stater system are poisonous, radioactive, and extremely cold. But it’s still amazing,

Just talked about federated social networks during my stand-up. Felt pretty cool.

I've been getting more into video games lately. Never really considered myself a gamer and still don't, but I realized I owned every main Nintendo console since the NES. Even if I only had a few games and played a few hours a week.

Anyway, they've been great mental health breaks. Also, I think I like my more than the .

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