Just a brief reminder, I moved and am @chrisWhite@toot.cafe (@ chrisWhite@toot.cafe if your client truncates the user) now, I'd love it if you followed me over!

I'm following @chartier's lead and moving over to @chrisWhite@toot.cafe for the shorter instance name and smaller community. Now that I have a feel for Mastodon and what I want from an instance I wanted to make the move sooner than later so I'd love it if you would follow me over there.

Thanks! 🍻

‘Our customers like having lots of ports...’ Really, what was your first clue Apple?

You've got to love when even Apple doesn't use their own TestFlight reporting function. This is from Send Beta Feedback in TestfFlight for Shortcuts 2.1.

Wow, Mast is a *good* iOS app for Mastodon. It looks great, has plenty of configurability, and supports all the native features I can think of.



Dear Mastodon.

When the world ends
our ghosts will touch again.
From wire to wire
over the bones of the ocean,
across the great data divide,
we will intertwine
again. And our machines
will feel contentment,
or something like it,
and wonder if this
is humanity.

#poetry #corvusrobotica #SomeSortOfGhostStory

Wow, I just don't even...

SQLite's code of conduct is literally The Rule of St. Benedict, beginning with “First of all, love the Lord God with your whole heart, your whole soul, and your whole strength” and including things such as “Deny oneself in order to follow Christ,” “Speak no useless words or words that move to laughter” and “Fear the Day of Judgment“


Today has been a particularly difficult day after a couple of really good weeks. And of course, now I have a terrible migraine.

This is smart as heck. What better way to teach folks about the <details> element than using the elements themselves to structure the post?

Hopefully, this neat angle will open up a really handy and more importantly, accessible, native HTML element to those (including me) who would previously use JavaScript.

Link: codepen.io/jdsteinbach/full/GY


Oh man, Drafts for Mac is in beta, I've been anxiously hoping for this for years!

Apple Developer Support: 'Yeah, you did renew your membership but App Store Connect doesn't realize it, let me fix that for you.'

Heh, that was fun, at least their phone support is fantastic.

It's odd but entertaining that Shortcuts regex support includes negative look-ahead assertions but not non-capture groups.

I feel like Mojave’s Apple Event security dialogs are just kind of fundamentally broken, when it prompts me to allow, say, “Installer” to have access to “System Events,” a thing a user really shouldn’t have to understand the consequences of?

Found a Stack Overflow question that matched my problem with no answer. Figured it out on my own, started to write an answer, but stopped, because SO has been unwelcoming to me before. We all lose out on knowledge when you make some people feel unwelcome.

So upgrading to Mojave, how many of my Unix things are going to break this time around?

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