Yeah I really need a Mastodon aggregator so I can sell all of my notifications in one list

Hv u seen our exclusive Brawny packaging? Share a pic like ours below to help show that #StrengthHasNoGender 👩‍🏭👩‍🔬👩‍🚒 #WomensHistoryMonth

There's a toot on I've been trying to boost from this account for like 2 hours but it still hasn't made its way across the backbone apparently

@chaotic_signals Interestingly, this is also how early man hunted and took down mastodons. offline, I think temporarily as it was announced ("downtime now") shortly before

Having a lot of trouble getting toots to show up in multiple instances.

Oh damn, the new search window in IntelliJ 2017 is hot

the progression of IntelliJ splash screen graphics over the years reminds me of the brains meme

@chris_martin @argumatronic Emergent problem with Mastadon: "toots" is both the plural of "toot" and a word that a 1940s Tex Avery wolf cartoon character would call Betty Boop.

Even if it's as simple as "I didn't join because I don't know what instance to join, I didn't want to do it wrong"

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The hardest part of decentralized systems - making users, especially nontechnical ones, give a shit about decentralization

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