Definitely a useful phrase in Welsh that one would want to know early in their studies: 

Dw i'n hoffi cwrw a siocled.

Dynamic range in social media and shovels versus excavators

A developer at today's Homebrew Website Club mentioned that they didn't want to have a website built on a particular language because they weren't familiar with the language and felt uncomfortable trusting their data to it. What if something goes wrong? What if it breaks? How easy will it be to export and move their data over?


@maya your site isn't any sort of slouch either. Glad to see your ping so I can follow along with your creativity as well. (Congrats on supporting some outgoing webmentions!)

This looks interesting: The Altadena Public Library has created a "Library of Things", starting with mobile hotspots and laptops. They plan to expand to include other items like telescopes and virtual reality equipment.

What I wouldn't give for a web browser feature wherein I could log into it with my URL and have the browser query my website to show me when I've previously read, liked, favorited, replied, etc. to the content on a particular URL.

Learning Paths Annotations and Highlights to One’s Website Using ThreadReaderApp

Some small pieces, loosely joined for owning one's highlights online.

I ran across a Chrome extension for highlights, annotations, and tagging tonight. It's called Learning Paths. It works roughly as advertised for creating and saving highlights and annotations online. With a social silo l

Posting an event and RSVPing to it at the same time

Yesterday I had created an event post for an upcoming DoOO Meetup I'm hosting and syndicated a copy to Meetable. The sad, but predictable, result was a webmention being displayed on Meetable that duplicated all of the details including all of the invitations. This felt annoying to me, and I simultaneously thought that as the host, I also ought to o

A Domain of One’s Own Meetup | July 23, 2020

I'll be hosting a Domain of One's Own meetup on Thursday, July 23, 2020 at at 10:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM Eastern / 7:30 PM CEST. Everyone who is interested in the topic is welcome to attend. We expect there will be students, teachers, designers, web developers, technologists, and people of all ages and ranges of ability from those just starting out with a domain t

I've met David several times at local events including Innovate Pasadena's excellent Friday Morning Coffee Meetup. It was great to see his article on the front page of the Pasadena Outlook (though I'd have put it above the fold) this morning. I was saddened not to find it on the Outlook's website, but was glad to find it living on David's own website

The schedule looks awesome, and since it's online, remote attendance should be far easier than needing to travel in the late summer. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

I'm planning on setting up up a regularly recurring Domain of One's Own focused online meetup in the mold of Homebrew Website Clubs or WordPress meetups. People can ask questions, get help, collaborate, demo technology and ways they're using their domains.

I'm thinking monthly to start, but I'm curious what days of the week and times might work best for people, especially across time zones?

Let me know if you're interested in helping to o

Syndicating my IndieWeb Wiki edits to my personal website

I don't have a specific "Edit" post kind on my website (yet!), but I've set things up--using a prior recipe--so that edits I make to the IndieWeb wiki are syndicated (via PESOS) to the Micropub endpoint on my website to create draft posts on my personal website!

Presently they were easiest to map to my website as bookmarks until I can

I had a great time tonight with an awesome crowd of creatives at the online Zoom pre-party for IndieWebCamp West. If tonight's turn out is any indicator, we're going to have a lot of fun and learn a lot this weekend.

My favorite idea of the night, hopefully coming soon: HTML6, the tag!

👤: (left to right, top to bottom) David Shanske, Chris Aldrich, Scott Gruber, Beto, Kim, Ana Ulin, Joseph Dickson, Sarah Hibner, Aaron Parecki, Lillian Ka

I've just put a bunch of food on the grill for tonight's IndieWebCamp West - Eat Your Own Cooking Pre Party. It's not too late to join us tonight or RSVP to Camp this weekend.

A quick reminder that IndieWebCamp West is this weekend.

There are still some registration spots open if you haven't RSVP'd yet.

Come join us to start, work on, or improve your personal website this weekend!

I need some entertainment... Who wants to join me in annotating J.K. Rowling's new book The Ickabog?

Just start a free account and give it a whirl...

I just installed this on Firefox and it looks like it works as advertised. I'll start putting it through some paces shortly to see how well it works.

IndieWebCamp 2020 West is Officially On

IndieWebCamp West Coast is an online IndieWebCamp being held on June 27-28, 2020.


Tickets / RSVP

To RSVP and claim your FREE tickets, register here:
Optionally, if you're able to log into with your own website you can RSVP here OR if your website supports it, post an indie RSVP on your own website

I'm both glad and terribly sad to see this six year old article trending in the to 10 articles in The Atlantic right now.

I'm reading it for the reasons that most may be. I'm also specifically reading it (in the dead dark of night) in commemoration of of the 99th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre today.

We definitely need to start a broader discussion about our social and moral conundrum

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