Just saw my first news report since the start of the pandemic and introduction of vaccines where a reporter specified in voice over of video of people sitting within a foot or two of each other that everyone was fully vaccinated.

Helps make it feel like we've turned some sort of corner.

Of course the segment was about the coming plague of locusts...


Domains at Domains

I mentioned it as an anecdotal observation in my talk, so I went back and counted the appearances of online identifiers on the 159 re-mixable badges for the OERxDomains 21 Conference. I counted 91 twitter handles, 15 domain names, and 1 Instagram handle.

There were a couple people who used email addresses. A few people listed multiple twitter handles, and one enterprising person (not me!) listed three domain nam


I sort of like the idea of "Brain Baking" as a framing for lifelong learning with a bit of commonplace book or digital gardening thrown in. You can't help but love naming short notes as "new half-baked ideas".


A Twitter of Our Own at OERxDomains 2021 Conference

The Association of Learning Technology and Reclaim Hosting hosted the OERxDomains 2021 Conference last week.

They've just opened up the entire conference program with links to all of the sessions and videos for those who'd like to watch them.

You'll see my presentation video embedded above. If you'd like you can also watch it in the custom play


car ta·co
noun, /kär/ /ˈtäkō/
1. a taco purchased specifically for eating in the car, often when picking up carry out, usually such that others in the ordering party are unaware of the item's consumption


Slides for A Twitter of Our Own from OERxDomains 2021

As promised at the conference, you can find the slides with convenient links and other resources for my talk A Twitter of Our Own at OERxDomains21 on Google Slides.

They are also embedded below:


My only issue with the scintillating conference is that I now have 100 open browser tabs full of awesome articles, resources, and materials that I'm going to have to read through and process. Worse, I've only touched on 1/4 of the content at the conference and it's going to take a few months to watch and think about the balance.


Caffeine is such an important part of any conference, but somehow even more important when there's an 8 hour time difference from the origin and the participant. ☕


Later today at 9:05 AM PST / 12:05 PM EST / 5:05 PM BST I'll be making a live presentation on A Twitter of Our Own at the OERxDomains 2021 Conference hosted by the Association for Learning Technology and Reclaim Hosting.

Come join me to see how we can extend our domains to use social readers and enable website-to-website communication to improve our online experience.

[Note: I'd previously been scheduled for a much longer workshop session


Strong coffee brewing past the witching hour here in Los Angeles. Beginning to peel the eyelids open during the peak of the Lyrids meteor shower for what portends to be an interesting two days of talks at .


Some in Los Angeles are still recovering from last night's clubbing, but others are still going strong in the online KaraOERke at ds106.tv/live/


Got my digital badge for this week's OERxDomains 2021 Conference courtesy of the Remixer, where you can mix your own.


I just got my first nudge on Twitter to sign up for their newsletter service Revue.

For some fun context, it popped up when I pressed the "+" button to create a Twitter thread. 

So apparently if you're going to bother to write more than 280 characters you definitely need a newsletter...


Lacking any beer in the house, I'm happy to report that substituting a bit of milk and a shot of Jack Daniels managed to be a happy substitution in the Welsh rarebit for lunch today.


Must be opening day for the LA Dodgers---there's a lot of aerial military hardware circling the house for the past few minutes.


Newsletter work for my website continues apace. I've now got a (beta) option to sign up for daily updates of all posts. To try this option change your settings to “all topics”, “entire stream”, and “daily”.


I've just gotten a copy of Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting by Lisa Genova which came out earlier this week.

I've thumbed through it quickly and done some targeted searches of the text. From all appearances, it looks like she's approaching the topic of memory from a neuroscientist's perspective and talking about broad psychology and culture.

There are a few references to the method of loci and a tangential refer


Hypothes.is as a comment system: Receiving @​mentions and notifications for your website

I've wanted @Mention/Webmention support on Hypothes.is for a long time. I had URL hacked my way into a solution a while back but never wrote about it.

I was reminded today that one can subscribe to an RSS/ATOM feed of annotations on their site (or any site for that matter) us


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