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Chris Aldrich 🍍 @chrisaldrich

🎧 This Week in Google #400: Toot, Not Tweet
@kevinmarks guests on TWiG and discusses Indieweb, Mastodon, and GNU Social.

@nxd4n I've been following it reasonably closely, but it may be a bit before webmentions happens...

@nxd4n I suspect there's a way to do it natively. Better would be for Mastodon to support incoming/outgoing webmentions in general!

@nxd4n Will POSSE targeting threaded replies come next?

Thrilled to be able to POSSE posts from @WithKnown to Mastodon now courtesy of @nxd4n using #indieweb

For those who are hip to the 🍍tip, The USA series Psych used to hide #pineapples in the background of every episode

@vaughnhannon A few weeks ago @dgold used the plugin and did some small modifications to have it working for pnut in less than a day. From what I understand, it was renaming a few things and then plugging in API keys. Some of it will depend on Mastodon's API set up.


@vaughnhannon @kevinmarks I'm not aware of anyone working on Mastodon yet, but I suspect that one could modify the templates on Github for Twitter, ADN, or to target Mastodon for POSSE: