Self-hosting TiddlyWiki with GitHub Pages

TiddlyWiki is most often used as a private wiki for personal note taking and creating private journals.

Because it is a single text file usually named index.html written in HTML, CSS and some JavaScript, I thought it would make an ideal candidate for a simple-to-use personal website that can be hosted on one's own domain. As a researcher who appreciates the IndieWeb

@chrisaldrich I used tiddlywiki for years as my lab notebook (I’m a computational biologist). It was great. Unfortunately, I ran into conflicts with the helper programs required for the file to self modify and browser versions mandated by my employer. I’m using a custom variant of markdown from daring fireball now, but I remember tw fondly.

@sconlan I've had lots of quirks with those helper programs too. Saving things privately was much easier for me than figuring out how to host it publicly though. Is your lab notebook on a public facing server? I'm collecting examples of people using these as notebooks or commonplace books.

@chrisaldrich no, they are not on public servers, just local copies. Since it’s primary scientific research I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing in a public way.

That said, I think the project is great.

As a side note, I think about electronic notebooks a fair amount. There are all kinds of horror stories about people or labs locking into proprietary ELNs and getting screwed when the company folds or license expires. I insist on open systems that can be read by any computer.

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