Thoughts on Wikity for WordPress

I spun up a new instance of Wikity today at to test it out for potential use as a personal online wiki. My goal was also to test out how it may or may not work with IndieWeb-based WordPress pieces too.

Below are my initial thoughts and problems.

The /home/ page has a lot of errors and warnings. (Never a good sign.)

It took me a few minutes to figure out where the W


Sadly this sounds like a "do not recommend" to me. :(

Looking at Wordpress wiki plugins, it seems like most of them are aimed at corporate "help desk / knowledge base" functionality rather than personal knowledge exploration. Which is a great shame. It's not at all what I want a wiki for.

Also I don't think there are any Wordpress wiki plugins yet which understand the Gutenberg block editor? No Gutenberg support pretty much makes a plugin unusable in 2020.

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