Social Media, Fast and Slow

I like the differentiation that Jared has made here on his homepage with categories for "fast" and "slow" posts.

It's reminiscent of the system 1 (fast) and system2 (slow) ideas behind Kahneman and Tversky's work in behavioral economics. (See Thinking, Fast and Slow)

It's also interesting in light of this tweet which came up recently:

I very much miss the back and forth with blog posts responding to blog posts


I only noticed the "colophon" at the bottom of your pages
That's something worth adopting.


The ability of "facilitating slow moving argument where we had time to think" i.e. conversations that are continuous without being synchronous is the vision for #IndyVerse and the ability to link and integrate with the IndieWeb, Fediverse and eventually with the Metaverse is what @indiehub is aiming to facilitate

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