Call for Interest: IndieWebCamp pop up session on Goodreads replacements and decentralized book projects

Based on some recent discussions with a variety of people I'm helping to organize an IndieWebCamp pop-up session on personal libraries online. If you've ever considered how to own all your own Goodreads-like reading data and still interact with

@chrisaldrich @kevinbeynon Ooh thank you for the heads up!

I've been involved with Indie Web Camp a bit on a personal level. Will get in touch with is particular project.

Thanks again Chris!

Why not something else than zoom since the idea is to have something decentralized :)

@hyde I can only fix so many problems at once. 😁
We have tried things like Jitsi before but had stability issues and this will likely have more participants that that would reliably handle.

@chrisaldrich Even on ?

But I do understand 😅 could maybe work ...

@tripofmice @chrisaldrich gotta get that bookwyrm representation out there! my favorite new part of the fediverse

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