For those fleeing Twitter, know that I post everything on my personal website first and syndicate it to a number of places including Twitter and Mastodon.

Much of my short status updates cross post to @chrisaldrich while everything can be found at the "Mastodon account", which is really just my personal website pretending to be a Mastodon server.

If you want your own website that acts a lot lik

@chrisaldrich I do like the idea of but certainly there should be a way to do this with WordPress itself. Right now I'm using a plugin to auto-toot my blog posts here.

@jalefkowit Mastodon Auto Share version 1.4 by Hellexis, and for what I need it to do it is working okay. CW support is damned wonky though (won't work properly for scheduled posts).

@skquinn I've been tinkering with the ActivityPub plugin (, and it doesn't auto-toot so much as it does turn WP into an ActivityPub endpoint, with WP user accounts mapping to AP profiles, posts & pages showing up in the profile feed as notes, etc.

So, like, my blog at can now be found via Fediverse search at, just as if I was running Mastodon there.

@jalefkowit This may be what I actually want long term. Is there a way to toot from that other Fediverse account without blog posting? I have a use case where I would want to toot a *lot* to the followers of my blog without necessarily polluting my main feed (this one).

@skquinn I'm not sure. Right now, AFAIK, it only maps posts and pages. You maybe could use posts as toots? There's some configuration available as to what WP post types map to what AP content types. But now you've lost the ability to use posts as, well, posts.

@jalefkowit Right, and half the reason I have blogs is to share things that don't fit within a 140/280/500 character, plain text only ("microblogging") type of format. Live-tooting pinball tournament progress/scores fits that well, though a lot of people undoubtedly wondered what all the weird names and numbers were coming out of my account that weekend.

@skquinn The plugin configuration makes some noise about being able to map particular WP post formats to AP content types. There's a standard post format, 'aside', that might map well to a toot. But I dunno how complicated it is to wire that stuff up.

@jalefkowit Yes, post formats are something I haven't fooled with much. I originally thought I was going to be able to go back to the Vim plugin I was using to post to WordPress, but for better or worse it almost looks like XML-RPC is intentionally being sunset by WordPress's dev team and no new plugins have been written to utilize its replacement (I think there is one but I have not read up on it and damn if I remember what it's called).

@skquinn oh yeah, XML-RPC is on the way out (sigh). The new hotness is the HTTP API, which is much RESTier.

@jalefkowit Is it possible to post to one's blog via that method? I hope the Classic Editor sticks around, after this year there's no longer a hard guarantee that it will. (I don't want to switch to Gutenberg for basic blogging.)

@skquinn Yes, though you'd need to find a client to do it through.

You can use the same API on the frontend, which leads to the "Headless WordPress" scenario -- you don't have to build themes in PHP anymore, you can build a front end in any language you want and it just retrieves data through API calls.

@jalefkowit From what I can see it only supports the block editor (Gutenberg). I have nothing against Gutenberg but I strongly believe the Classic Editor should remain a viable choice for those who still prefer it.

@skquinn Gutenberg depends on it, but it's not necessarily tied to Gutenberg. One could write a completely separate client that uses the same API.

The question becomes, has anyone already done that? Much easier to pick up someone else's project than to write your own from scratch...

@skquinn (and yeah, one of the things keeping me from picking my blog up again is Gutenberg, which I cannot imagine doing any serious writing in)

@skquinn Depending on how wedded you are to WP, it might be easier to just move to a different CMS. WriteFreely, which is built on ActivityPub like Mastodon is, looks interesting.

@jalefkowit Indeed, I'm rather wedded right now, unfortunately. So much so that I'm on the organizing team for our local WordCamp, which was originally scheduled for 2020 and then the pandemic hit.

@skquinn oh, my whole consulting business is built on WP. I’m lashed to this mast whether I like it or not 😆

@jalefkowit Indeed, I followed the whole Larry Garfield/Drupal leadership saga. He was and I think still is in more or less the same boat (with that particular WRS). Though, I don't think the issues he had affected his consulting business, but I'm pretty sure he no longer presents at the conferences because of what happened.

@jalefkowit Just looked at WriteFreely. I like the concept but the hosting I am on will make it difficult to use right now.

@jalefkowit Same here. This is why I am very hesitant to add too much more that is WordPress-specific, as I want to reduce my workload should I want/need to ditch WordPress for my blogs. I'm already looking at converting 6-7 years' worth of pinball/arcade picture galleries by hand.

@skquinn @jalefkowit Another simple option for quick posting is to use the Micropub plugin and one of the dozens of Micropub clients to post to your site. It works pretty well out of the box, but you can also do some clever custom stuff with it if you like.
Crash course video for WordPress:
WP Plugin:

@jalefkowit @skquinn
I prefer using some of the post kinds ( instead of the older core-based post formats (which I broadly view as dead). There's been some talk about potentially supporting post kinds more specifically, but I will say that, in general, posts without titles usually come through pretty well as status updates via ActivityPub plugin. Post Kinds also have individual feeds, so people can subscribe to the content types they prefer.

@jalefkowit The scores were later put into a blog post, of course. I also had the tournament software logging each game, and it came in handy in my case that I had the scorekeeper record each score instead of voiding the lower scores like some players did. The tournament software wound up being a more reliable source as I couldn't live-toot the last few scores due to network issues.

@skquinn But that just ends up feeling weird, because it LOOKS like a real AP user, but in practice it's just a feed full of auto-toots. You know? And I'd have to tell people to follow two accounts, one for my blog posts and one for my Mastodon posts.

I feel like, if you're gonna make WP an ActivityPub endpoint, it either should be a full-fledged one (i.e. I don't need Mastodon at all anymore, I can toot in WP just like I can post) or not be one at all.

@jalefkowit In my case I'd rather they be separate. I had made separate "birdsite" accounts for two of my blogs, one of them no longer an active blog, one of them an active blog that I just quit using the separate account for. @alcinnz your blog is the first place I've seen since 2015 that is using I was super passionate about it but when I saw the lack of interest in development by their devs and after few messages with them, I finally let go of my account in 2019. Good to see someone is using it anyways 👍🏼

@Mehrad @alcinnz The paid staff who work for the company are spread very thin in terms of keeping and maintaining the basic product, which we should note is free, so they don't have huge amounts of time for bleeding edge development. The project is open source though and will happily to take contributions. There's a large, but relatively quiet community around it. You might find more at

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