Oh! Folks' "digital gardens" trace back to Bernstein's Hypertext Garden Paths and Caulfield's The Garden and The Stream (on themes of organization and personal maintenance - took me a while to find the #indieweb page on Commonplace Books as a further origin)

Surprised me, where the inspiration has always been Mister Sellars Garden in Tad Williams' Otherland, with those overtones of bots and bugs and beetles and pollination and vines and layering propagation.

@nev ooh, forgotten, it's been a while. I've seen it connected to hypertext broadly, but there's a particular emphasis in what i see around "digital gardens" on the maintenance-over-time or revision, pruning, pollinating on revisit. Do you know if folks have connected some part of that temporal aspect to Borges (my recollection of the story is more a sense of simultaneity?)


@nev @loppear I've spoken to others and discussed Borges' work as well as Robert Frost's The Road not Taken in this context. There's also Clairvaux' Floretus cum commento in the 12th century: boffosocko.com/2021/06/11/5579

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