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@acw Thanks! Glad to see that someone else knows the original meaning of the pineapple...

@chrisaldrich wow. totally accidental. i've been sending all new people amojis of food

@chrisaldrich the thing is that it was really all of mastodon that made :pineapple: a thing. I could have been blocked or banned from spammy pineapples, but the community embraced them. what an amazing world.

@acw Everyone loves a 🍍! I used to have them on my stationery... may have to order some more now.

@chrisaldrich I was looking into if I could get a polo shirt but with a pineapple instead of a polo guy

@acw If you can't, I'm game to create a startup to do just that.

@chrisaldrich i couldnt find a site to do custom pologuys (idk what th little logo is generically called..idk if monogram is the right word here)

Chris Aldrich 🍍 @chrisaldrich

@acw Custom logo is probably closest. Izod made them popular, but I've seen polo guys, penguins, and others do that in fashion.

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@acw Let me chat with some friends in downtown LA and see if I can find someone in the fashion district to do it for us.

@chrisaldrich i'd happily chip in to do a custom run (assuming its not an astronomical amount )