I want to set up a self-hosted blog again. WordPress is my fallback since it can do pretty much anything, but does anyone have a recommendation for blog or commenting software that allows passwordless comments (via one-time email verification and cookies for future comments) and has decent OStatus integration, so for example the post itself gets linked from my timeline, and public replies show up as comments?

@seanl Have a look at indieweb.org/Getting_Started In particular, check out webmention. Not exactly what you're looking for, but FB, twitter and other comments on links to your site will show up as comments on your site. POSSE is an interesting model that doesn't seem to get a lot of attention. indieweb.org/webmention

Still going through all the fantastic info on indieweb.org/Getting_Started in my narrow slices of free time. So far I've added rel="me" to the profile links on my homepage and made sure all my other profiles link back to it. Also dropped the www.

@seanl It's a really interesting movement. I was really tempted to try and start a local chapter. I just felt like I don't know enough code to start a group like that.

I use Known for my blog. Sadly development for that has mostly stopped, or swung away from regular users to a platform for school blogs. Whatever keeps the lights on, though.

I wonder if sbay.org is still active. They were indieweb before it was cool. They had UUCP still going maybe 5 years ago, and there's a related wireless network project (SVWUX) though it focuses more on emergency networks these days. Or maybe I'm out of date and SCEWN has split off.

@sikkdays Running into a lot of broken links and github repos with no recent commits on indieweb.org. I'm super excited about the possibilities but it seems like the movement may have moved on to other things. Mastodon, maybe?

@seanl My friend active in the community had some questions for you. What a guy. Offering to help. jeena.net/notes/887


@sikkdays @seanl I'm happy to help too if you like. There may be some inactive and even forked projects within the broader scope, but then there are lots which are flourishing. WordPress in particular is one of those since, it's what you mentioned: indieweb.org/Getting_Started_o
A good place to start is to jump into the IndieWeb chat (via web, IRC, Slack, etc.) indieweb.org/discuss
For a quick overview, try here: altplatform.org/2017/07/28/an-introduction-to-the-indieweb/

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@seanl @sikkdays There's also been a big push recently to improve the federation of IndieWeb with Mastodon and the fediverse: fed.brid.gy/ (which has some plumbing for WordPress as well).

@sikkdays @seanl Someone has built a syndication plugin to send posts from Known to Mastodon. github.com/danito/KnownMastodo

With fed.bridgy you should be able to get webmentions back on the other side.

@chrisaldrich @sikkdays I must be missing something. Why wouldn't one just add webmention support to Mastodon?

@seanl @sikkdays That’s been proposed (see: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/) , but hasn’t gotten any uptake by Mastodon devs yet. But, as always, on the internet, the web will find a way.
(wp.me p4yWq5-3LHVU)

@chrisaldrich @sikkdays Figuring out "foreign" accounts and toots would open up a lot of possibilities.

@sikkdays @chrisaldrich
But I had only been thinking of outbound, which should be easy (since it already works manually). Inbound seems much harder.

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