I hadn't been paying attention and Lanyard, yet another social site I used to use, has apparently gone under. Wish I'd had some notice to extract my data out of the service before it raged into the dying of the light.

I ought to start a "dead pool" for making odds on the next social media sites to disappear.

@chrisaldrich Right now (and this will be controversial to some) I think is a good candidate. Apple-only, mostly, and way too much trouble to set up.

@larand I've been doing events and even RSVP's on my own website for a while, so I won't miss it too much. You're probably right about controversial for m.b especially given it's size and functionality, but I'm also syndicating there as well.


@chrisaldrich I think the big ones like Twitter and Facebook will survive. Mastodon will probably be OK, since it's achieved a fair number of federated instances and appeals to the tech crowd. I think everything else is likely to die, frankly, or become irrelevant.

@larand Personally I'm hoping they all die in favor of everyone having their own website that can interoperate in a more decentralized manner.

@chrisaldrich I get where you're coming from on that, and it would be wonderful, but I think the reality is that it's pretty unlikely. Normals don't want to be bothered with the hassle involved.

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