Also, who here has a personal website and/or uses #IndieWeb ? I'm looking at moving away from #facebook and want to consolidate my data. I'm looking at #grav as a flat site generator, or going the #nodejs route (maybe #ghost?)


@maslow I've played with WordPress, Grav and Ghost. WordPress w/ plugins supports most of the "fun" functionality like webmentions and micropub easily, then Grav, and lastly Ghost which is very bare "bones" (forgive the pun).

Grav and Ghost may require more tinkering depending on the functionality you're looking for. Perhaps base your decision on how much tinkering/building vs writing you want to do?

The iw wiki has examples of sites for all of them for reference.

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@maslow All three are fun and have reasonable import/export, so you can't go too wrong if you want to switch after a while. I know some who switch platforms twice a year just for fun.

@chrisaldrich Yes! The wiki is a bit overwhelming, because I don't really want to use WordPress, but it's difficult to make a decision without knowing what I want.

@maslow With the changing state of the art, it's even hard to know what you want because there are so many new and fun things to play with.

@chrisaldrich omg, I know! I'm currently very fascinated by your site setup. I love the concept of a commonplace book. 📖❣️

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