Surprised she didn’t mention the phenomena of subtweeting, snitch tagging, or dunking which are also closely related to voldemorting.

@metro_glenn Sorry I missed this until now. (I don't spend a lot of time in Mastodon.) I left you a message earlier this evening as well.
I had put in an intro talk proposal for the basics of IndieWeb with WordPress for Riverside a month or two back when they opened it up. Heard today that they accepted it, so we could surely collaborate on this go round if you like, or perhaps better, put something more interesting together for WCOC.

📅 RSVPing Yes to WordCamp Riverside 2018
I have to go now... I'm going to be giving a talk at the Camp! Can anyone guess the topic?

Gems And Astonishments of Mathematics: Past and Present-Lecture 1
For those who may have missed last night's first lecture, I'm linking to a Livescribe PDF document which includes the written notes as well as the accompanying audio from the lecture.

As I get amped up for the star of Mike Miller's Fall math class Gems and Astonishments of Mathematics, which is still open for registration, I'm even more excited that he's emailed me to say that he'll be teaching Category Theory for the Winter Quarter in 2019!!

George Lakoff on how Trump uses words to con the public | Reliable Sources CNN

A short and solid introduction to some of Lakoff's recent work.

Wait, what?! There's a Mastodon instance at! This is awesome @xtof !

@robertwgehl I know that feeling. The IndieWeb community has some similar work and documentation of social platforms (and particular functionality that people are considering creating on their own sites), but is volunteer driven in the hope that many hands make light work.

@robertwgehl I just came across your S-MAP project while looking at the shut downs of Quitter instances. I'm didn't see any documentation on S-MAP on the project/community which may be of great interest to you and your research. If you're curious, I'm happy to chat to give you some history and overview. I'd love to hear more about S-MAP as well.

@amyhoy Given your focus and research, perhaps this is the best page for you to start with in regard to the IndieWeb?
Perhaps even more apropos on this thread as the chart was created in response to an @anildash post.

There are also some history specific pages like which may be useful to you.

If you have questions, I and others are happy to help!

// @jgmac1106

Drop what you're doing and immediately go out to subscribe to Our Daily Bread: A history of wheat and bread in very short episodes!

We definitely need some humanity and morality in our present mess. More and more I really want to rage quit Facebook for what it's doing to the world, but I would like to have all my friends and family follow me.

As the new school year draws near and enthusiasts continue to push the benefits of , let's also take  a moment to remember and celebrate the ability of students to choose their own educational resources and books.
Teachers need to do a better job of providing options, flexibility, and guidance in the panoply of choices available to students of all income levels and abilities. [more...]

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