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Chris Aldrich

How to manually add the appropriate code and icons to the Post Kinds plugin to enable new kinds of posts on your WordPress installation.

The story in this episode of The Daily is a superb and emotional follow-on of an excellent NPR/Propublica story I read back in December. We need more stories like this.

A stunning and relatively detailed overview of where we've been in the last several years on the journalism front with too many questions about where we may be going.

A stunning essay that gives me hope that we're not in a "post-truth" world. On the other hand, we're going to need to do a lot of work...

There are some squirrel-ly things that Amazon is managing to get away with, and they're not all necessarily good.

@natecull @clacke I can give you some methods to do just that. It's not difficult, though I'm out at an event atm, so it'll have to wait a bit for the technical parts. The nice part is that one can customize individual pages relatively easily,which I did for that podcast page.

@natecull @clacke The WP archive url format is built into core. I also have a custom kind taxonomy on my site that slices and dices content by type. See my home page at for examples at the top.

@natecull @clacke Known uses hashtags for this. WordPress has archive pages by tag, category, and dates which also have associated feeds. As an example I have a Podcast category with its own feed at

@natecull @clacke Yes its still there and even supports Webmention too! If you want to try some basic Known functionality I've got an open install that you can sign up for an account on:

@natecull @clacke They were a small bootstrapped startup so they focused on education for cash flow. It was also an area they knew well since the founders had created the social platform Elgg decade earlier. They're not making money on the open source community so their site doesn't focus on that piece.

@natecull @clacke interestingly I can tell you the exact day and time as I saw this live:

@natecull @clacke I'll ping the company side to see if they might do a better job in the future.

I might say that Known is a cross between WordPress and Facebook.

@natecull @clacke I've never considered their page, but more because I knew what it was prior to using it from other sources. The corporate page you're looking at is meant more for Higher Ed. I don't think they offer the simple hosting sign up they used to for individuals and its all corporate focused now.

I'm stunned by the ideas @gladwell puts forth here, both by the ideas themselves, but even more so that I've not contemplated them previously. Stop what you're doing and listen to this podcast episode now.