Reminder that if you're interested in math, science, or computer science it's not too late to register for the UCLA Extension course Introduction to Category Theory that starts tonight.

🎧 W. Kamau Bell on How He Communicates with Racists

How can you not love W. Kamau Bell? This reminds me that I still ought to get back to watching his show more regularly instead of letting it fester on my DVR. This is my first episode of Alda’s podcast, but he has an excellent interview style and he’s obviously got some interesting guests. The broader topic of communication and conversation is also an intriguing one to me.

If you think mathematics is difficult, tough, or you're scared of it, this article will indicate why and potentially show you a way forward for yourself and your children.

I've been stockpiling episodes in my podcast queue for far too long, but Haley and Angie have been killing it on Human Current doing interviews with some of my favorite complexity systems thinkers. My listened to list is slowly growing. If you haven't already, I highly recommend subscribing.

@fncll Apologies for the late reply, but Mastodon doesn't support Webmention yet, and I don't spend much native time here.

I'm still tweaking some of the ways I'm using things, so most of it is based on importing data via RSS with a small amount of manual work. Ultimately I'll use their API to automate the entire piece. If you’re looking for something, Kris Shaffer built a Aggregator that might serve as a model:

Twenty-something: A time in one's life when it's passingly acceptable that most of one's dishware be of the plastic souvenir sort.

Thirty-something: A time when one has decommissioned all of one's souvenir cups only to replace them with twice the amount of mismatched children's sippy cups and plastic-ware.

Fourty-something: A time to help a new budding teenager begin their own addiction to plastic souvenir cups.

Purchased Abstract and Concrete Categories: The Joy of Cats by Jirí Adámek, Horst Herrlich, George E. Strecker for use in Mike Miller’s upcoming class on Category Theory at UCLA beginning in January 2019.

If you missed it, here are slides with links and resources for my and presentation at WordCamp Riverside 2018. Video coming soon. Thanks to everyone who came and participated. I’m happy to answer any additional questions.

A great and very succinct video of what is and how one can use it. They need more great documentation like this.

A great and very succinct video of what @microdotblog is and how one can use it. They need more great documentation like this.

I started a new blog, just to experiment with some technologies discussed in the mooc about learning 3.0 and the decentralized web.

I just subscribed to @eddiehinkle's new podcast "My URL is", a short interview show talking to people about their personal websites. It has a wonderful flavor.

Surprised she didn’t mention the phenomena of subtweeting, snitch tagging, or dunking which are also closely related to voldemorting.

@metro_glenn Sorry I missed this until now. (I don't spend a lot of time in Mastodon.) I left you a message earlier this evening as well.
I had put in an intro talk proposal for the basics of IndieWeb with WordPress for Riverside a month or two back when they opened it up. Heard today that they accepted it, so we could surely collaborate on this go round if you like, or perhaps better, put something more interesting together for WCOC.

📅 RSVPing Yes to WordCamp Riverside 2018
I have to go now... I'm going to be giving a talk at the Camp! Can anyone guess the topic?

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