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Here's a list of the fediverse: When one user on an instance subscribes to another, that stream can be pulled in, but each instance can ban other instances (usually only done in extreme cases). is a tool that will show you new instances and how many other instances they're connected to.

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They also federate with the overal GNU social network. If you're migrating from Twitter, try:
This list of apps may be helpful too:

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Yes, the instances are all federated though, so you can subscribe across instances. Usually the pattern will give you the user page from which you can subscribe to others.

@samplereality You could always move to the instance where it's "barks", "sniffs", and "whinnies".

@larand You own your own domain and that's the first step! You've even gone one further using the word IndieWeb in a post, which means you've pinged the IndieWeb chat (; Now you've just got to visit and take the next steps.

The buzzwords of the week seem to be "federated" and "decentralized". I'm glad that tens of thousands of people are being introduced to these concepts this week, but they're definitely not new, and they're far from perfected.

If we want openness, federation, identity, flexibility, and control why not just have our own website?

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You thought the local timeline on Mastodon was moving quickly? I'm considering unwatching on Github for the constant flurry of activity!

@acw I've been watching it and GNU_social for a long time, as far back as laconica if not earlier incarnations. I've been hacking away within the community [] for the past couple of years and like that model above others for it's decentralized philosophy.

@acw ADN is which died a few weeks ago. is a project started to recreate ADN and it's app ecosystem at a hobbiest level, though is surprisingly rich. (see 10C at is a small project being run out of Japan which has also gained many thoughtful ADN refugees.

I can't wait for some of these systems to implement webmention protocols and micropub which will cause an efflorescence of disinter-mediation.

@acw Interestingly I've been around here lurking since October I think. I've also been testing and 10c as alternatives to ADN, though I prefer posting on my own website and syndicating to social networks.

Glad I still seem *new*.

@acw Thanks! Glad to see that someone else knows the original meaning of the pineapple...

Manually POSSEing my first post from my own site to, a GNU social alternative. I have a feeling I'll enjoy the increased character count of 500 before being truncated on a microblog.