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Chris Aldrich

🎧 This Week in Google #400: Toot, Not Tweet
@kevinmarks guests on TWiG and discusses Indieweb, Mastodon, and GNU Social.

@nxd4n Will POSSE targeting threaded replies come next?

Thrilled to be able to POSSE posts from @WithKnown to Mastodon now courtesy of @nxd4n using

For those who are hip to the 🍍tip, The USA series Psych used to hide in the background of every episode

The buzzwords of the week seem to be "federated" and "decentralized". I'm glad that tens of thousands of people are being introduced to these concepts this week, but they're definitely not new, and they're far from perfected.

If we want openness, federation, identity, flexibility, and control why not just have our own website?

Excerpt from

You thought the local timeline on Mastodon was moving quickly? I'm considering unwatching on Github for the constant flurry of activity!

Manually POSSEing my first post from my own site to, a GNU social alternative. I have a feeling I'll enjoy the increased character count of 500 before being truncated on a microblog.