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Syndicating content from your WordPress site to Mastodon?
Browser Bookmarklets and Mobile Sharing with Post Kinds Plugin for WordPress

My micro Monday pick is a 2 for 1 double micro Monday:
I've chosen @aaronpk for all the help he's given to quietly in the background as well as for his excellent microcast

participant? Need help, advice, motivation for setting up or working on your personal website? Want to help others? I'm hosting
📅 A Virtual Homebrew Website Club
Date: December 27 at 4:30-6:30pm Pacific
via Google Hangouts

@steveivy @sivy By the way, if this webmention works, you'll probably want to update your now outdated Comments footer...:

I really *love* that I can post an event on my website and people can use their own websites to RSVP to it. It's so simple, but it feels so magical.
+ FTW!

⚖️ Wait? What!? Video of the entire gavel-to-gavel coverage of the The Watergate Hearings is available online?!
There goes all the free time I was planning for the holidays...

As an evening aside, anyone looking for a solid live-tweeting tool for tomorrow, I highly recommend Noter Live w/ multiple speakers, threaded tweets, AND allows you to save/archive your stream on your own website after-the-fact.

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