Crypto currency is a scam, a planet killer, and a drag on traditional currencies.

Change my mind.

Dear Florida:

We don't want your sloppy seconds.



I am SHOCKED that football players get hurt. It seems like such a nonviolent sport.

Out ANOTHER $600 so far today in the stock market. SO FAR. Ugh.

The best thing, by far, about working from home is not having to poop next to your boss.

In 15 years from now we will look back at this time and say "why the Hell did they add + to the end of everything? Like... EVERYTHING?".

Been trying to work with 3+ TB of remote SMB connected NAS data and have to say... MacOS/Finder is just awful. Completely unhelpful.

Have they never considered indexing files and folders?

Stock market just opened and I've already lost over $300. Again.

I say DON'T warn people about Nyquil chicken. Let's just let this play out. America has too much stupid anyway.

Have lost soooooo very much money in the stock market this week.

I'm sound-sensitive (and probably on the spectrum) and one of my least favorite sounds in the WHOLE WORLD is a vacuum cleaner. And Troy just LOVES to vacuum.

Applying to trademark "3+".

3+ is when you have to wipe more than 3 times so you just give up and jump in the shower.

We're keeping a REAL close eye on Texas elections. If Beto wins in November we're buying land in (nowhere) Texas to be our official "home" base.

I feel like this headline is wrong:

"Tesla wants the public to decide where its next Superchargers should go"

More like:

"Tesla wants the public to beg them for Superchargers"

I don't know what the big deal is. Doctors have been concerend for my health for the last 15 years and I'm not even 96.

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