Im writing python again for the first time in like a year

the code is terrible but working with images is always fun

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google maps is pretty much the app that I most want to not randomly close itself in the background from low ram and yet here I am lost in the rain. thanks google.

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I probably should have done this a while ago but hey! ouo/

interweb name is Rem or some variation of it

Im an illustrator/animator with a love for robots and fantasy creatures or fantasy elements in general. Also cartoons <3

Im hoping to find more creative people to talk to so if any of this vibes with you gimme a shout ouo/

Is evil dead 2 any good? I'm going to be seeing it for the first time tonight.

I have no idea why my ssh sessions are all timing out and freezing tonight but it's very frustrating

can I write an operating system entirely in adobe flash

friday the 13th spooktacular edition: cool folks with spooky names

@tcql "🎃 werecatdad 👻"
@theZacAttacks "Electron OS"
@Tom "Wind🎃ws Server 2016"
@emelie "Playstation 3 devkit 🎃"

I just found out that my hippest professor has a mastodon account. this is great.

I'm thinking my next side project will be something that converts a PDF to HTML, uploads that html to a server, then saves that page with instapaper

I'm mostly just posting this to remind myself

just talked with my scifi/fantasy professor about writing my final paper on house of leaves. I'm very excited!

these custom emojos are going to be game changing for

My phone's spell check just told me that "much" wasn't a word which resulted in an incredibly confusing 15 seconds for me while I literally googled "much" to make sure I hadn't somehow completely lost my grip on the english language.

Since these last posts I found out that there's a 1965 film adaption of finnegans wake and it's... 

actually, in all honesty, really really good

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Here's a finnegans wake passage for reference:

"This is his big wide harse. Tip. This is the three lipoleum boyne grouching down in the living detch. This is an inimyskilling inglis, this is a scotcher grey, this is a davy, stooping. This is the bog lipoleum mordering the lipoleum beg."

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my half-trained neural net is almost indistinguishable from a passage from finnegans wake:

"imaes artiplosutive as lorce is bus sens by cansplies, the woond on sistom, pursealizy and gulles, mareal, media odibalizitidit cemmed by cansfint images working thely and by this/lage by vision. the woond fendugry recepfents on ectering, compatiormvas of what sintor-archire and work image."

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