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I'll post some videos/pictures if it turns out well

I got the opportunity to play around with a tiny pocket sized pico projector for the evening, time to go do some guerilla projections down at the river!

I fed a markov chain 30 different artist statements I found online. My favorite line it generated is: "Making sculpture is like making three-dimensional emojis."

Deerhoof is playing a concert tonight and I'm still incredibly conflicted about whether or not I should try to go

one of my professors is very into the original 1982 tron movie and they're going to help me dig up some examples of old BEFLIX ( code. I think this is probably the most exciting update that I have for you all.

Oh my gosh it's been WAY too long since I last posted. Things have been really busy since classes started back up but it's finally starting to feel like Fall now and I'm drinking some hot apple cider and everything feels perfect.

I have a gift for you mastodon - an excerpt of The Mind's Eye from 1990

I just stumbled across chaos monkey which I find absolutely terrifying but also kind of incredible.

"Chaos Monkey randomly terminates virtual machine instances and containers that run inside of your production environment."


what level of geek do you reach when you start flashing custom firmware on your router because I just did that

I finally got everything figured out about my T.A. position for an intro to programming class next semester. I think this means I'll have to spend the rest of the summer practicing my delivery of "you forgot a semicolon".

for some reason august has been the month of me experimenting with running different kinds of decentralised nodes. so now in addition to mastodon I'm running a bitcoin node, an electrum node, and (as of tonight) a tor relay. here's a nerdy screenshot.

I blame mastodon for giving me some kind of decentralization mania.

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