The Clear beta is wild. Took me 2-3 mins to figure out how to go back in a list.

Flashback to when Prince completely upstaged 4 of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Now that Prince is on Spotify etc. I only need Tool and I’m good to get rid of saved mp3s.

Drove to grab some dinner when Caught Up by Usher came on the radio. Felt like I was 17 again so I drove around until the song stopped.

Samsung has done a really good job with the Note 9 camera. No crazy saturated colours and image quality is nice.

My wife and daughter are going to Sydney for the weekend. First few nights away from them in a long time 😥

Give it another month and there will be 4-5 other great clients. Fun times.

The Toot! Beta for iOS is so much fun. Nice UI and and the icon is super cool.

If everyone is here then Nuzzel is going be a whole lot less useful.

Really listen to what people are telling you. Is it timeless wisdom or outdated bias?

Day one no sugar was a success. Just as long as I stay home, don’t see anyone or go out ever again then this should be easy.

It's impossible to buy an Xbox Media Remote. Nothing at EB Games, JB Hifi or the Microsoft Store. Kinda feels like they'e been discontinued?

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