Just finished it. 

@marcedwards It’s about as perfect as a game gets. Still my fav game of the last few years. Don’t know how far you are into it but the later half is 🤯

@birchtree I've found anything other than Feedbin rough. Still using Inoreader because you were doing the Android/iOS thing and Feedbin clients are lacking on Android or you enjoy the "poweruser" stuff?

@steve228uk It’s the iPhone X of todo apps in that it’s all gestures and 3D Touch. You need to 3D tough to cycle back through the UI. Only discovered it by accident.

The Clear beta is wild. Took me 2-3 mins to figure out how to go back in a list.

@tonyarnold It’s funny how looking at your phone to unlock it feels like work.

Flashback to when Prince completely upstaged 4 of the greatest guitarists of all time. youtube.com/watch?v=6SFNW5F8K9

Now that Prince is on Spotify etc. I only need Tool and I’m good to get rid of saved mp3s.

Drove to grab some dinner when Caught Up by Usher came on the radio. Felt like I was 17 again so I drove around until the song stopped.

@steve228uk I’m only one one instance but when I swipe down there reachability is activated so it’d get annoying fast.

@steve228uk The elephant illustration when posting toots is super fun.

body horror, teeth stuff 

Samsung has done a really good job with the Note 9 camera. No crazy saturated colours and image quality is nice. youtu.be/KnhidS5l2xEj

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