13 years on the birdsite and I never got one of those blue checkmarks.

Hey @laze - being one of the original bloggers in Leesburg has some serious staying power. I'm still winning awards 20 years after I left.

Spent yesterday de-winterizing, sanitizing, washing, and cleaning out the camper. I am officially ready for camping season. Sadly, I'm out of free weekends for the month so our first planned camping trip in May is probably going to be our first camping trip of the year.

It's not often that you get invited to an event that puts you 30 feet from the President of the United States. Assuming it'll never happen again!

3 days in Puerto Rico and we've had to show vaccine card to get into every restaurant we've visited. The US could learn a lot from its territory.

She must really love me to be at Aldi in the 30 minute window these were in stock.


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