@ashwinvis I've been using Owncloud since Jan - I'm on a cheap $20 a year plan and there have been two outages this year - so not great but since it's just backup / sync not a big deal if my Nextcloud instance is unavailable for a few hours / days.

@thomasfuchs Not to mention that every company in America has recently changed its phone tree menu, so listen closely.

@thomasfuchs When I moved last month I called to complain they had no option online to reuse my existing modem at the new address, so they set me up as a new account with the first year discount again.

@chartier Hiring the best and brightest got them to where they are today. A few more State U graduate might actually be a good thing for the company.

@thomasfuchs @brownpau I've done a few of those - but as a kid when I didn't have to do the work! Good luck.

@brownpau @thomasfuchs
We are moving next week (5 miles) and this terrifies me.

@brownpau Congrats, or I'm sorry. Pick whichever suits your mood.


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