@mlevel No big deal - I knew the word was in there and coming soon so I likely would have guessed it anyway! The word list is hard coded in the site - anybody that downloaded the original site has the exact same word list.

@mlevel Welp, guess I don't need to play today. I too play a local copy of the pre NYT version.

@thunderbird This better not be a prelude to removing RSS capability from Thunderbird!

@scully Looks like you have plenty of room for my camper. Mind if I park it for a week? LOL. Seriously, with all that land you could probably make some extra cash as a Hipcamp host if you were so inclined. Hipcamp is AirBnB for campsites.

@Jeff @wiredfire Back when I was 9/10 year old I could pick out dozen of constellations - me and friend would spend hours every night in the summer stargazing. I wish I still had that knowledge, but it's hard to stargaze when you are in bed by 10 every night!

@twann That was fun. With the rapid fire ability and the invaders firing just as quick in return, it feels a little like Space Invaders with Galaga's weapons.

There are a lot of days I wonder if I'd be happier and more productive with my circa 1999 Palm Pilot.


@jonas @molly0xfff I don't disagree, the big issue here is the scammers, but there needs to be some self-accountability too. Otherwise, these same people are just as ripe for the next scam that promises them riches. Nobody that lost money on crypto can learn from it without accepting their fair share of the blame.

@rotfarm You should be able to take the cronjob you create with that tool and put it on any server you have access to. I don't remember the exact folder crons go into, probably varies by linux distro anyway. As long as it's in the right folder it should run. You could also install Webmin on your server, which would provide a similar tool and should put the script in the right place automatically.

@saenzjj Most of those "talented" photographers are doing the same thing. They just take 100 photos for every 1 they actually share with the rest of us!

@Jeff BTW, I completely understand all the code you shared in the blog post, so I may know more than I think I do :)

@Jeff Your comment on Mastodon feature appears to be broken. Clicking on reply no brings up a broken page for me.

I like the book page but I'll just stick with text for mine :) One thing though - the DNF and still reading are pretty close to each other visually. Might want make the visual difference more dramatic.

covid, - 

@phooky I had a bad cold two weeks ago, my wife had it last week but it developed into a sinus infection for her, and my son has it now. I think all our immune systems are weakened from two years of essentially not working out. I was also kind of disappointed my PCR test was negative. Which, given the ramifications of long COVID is kind of stupid, but it seems like we are all going to catch it sooner or later, and a mild cold level of symptoms would have been an okay way to have COVID.

@Jeff I use Pelican, but I use Markdown for all my authoring and I really have no idea what I'm doing with Python, and I'm constantly amazed when I hack the templates and it works.

@bignose I thought about shelling out $6/mo to have my own instance, at Masto Host or wherever, but I kind of do want some built in community on the local sever, and I don't have confidence I could my friend group off of InstafaceTweet to join my instance.

I want to move to a smaller instance, but I have no idea which one. I've got a few short list contenders whose public feeds I'm watching to get a feel for the community. In the meantime, I welcome your pitch about why I should move to your favorite instance.

21 species / 47 birds observed on my hike this AM. And that was just when I took 5-minute breaks to look and listen for birds. If I tried to record every bird I heard or saw, I'd still be in the first mile of the hike.


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