@chartier Hiring the best and brightest got them to where they are today. A few more State U graduate might actually be a good thing for the company.

@thomasfuchs @brownpau I've done a few of those - but as a kid when I didn't have to do the work! Good luck.

@brownpau @thomasfuchs
We are moving next week (5 miles) and this terrifies me.

@brownpau Congrats, or I'm sorry. Pick whichever suits your mood.

@brownpau Real Canadian nightcrawlers! s opposed to the probably fake ones I've bought in the US to use as bait.


That thread was fascinating - thanks for taking the time to post all that.

@binchicken @kirstyyarr Dunbar's number is 200 - although I suspect that is too high. I think the actual number of personal relationships any of us can manage at a time is closer to 50.

2 interruptions an hour means you are never getting done. That explains so much about my life.


@rickscully @chartier
Sign up fee is a very effective anti-spam defense. I think ad revenue and ongoing donations really pay for mods though.

On this day in 1987 a young sorority coed ran into a freshman year friend at a frat party, and invited him to her sorority formal. He said yes, then remembered his girlfriend the next day and set me up on a blind date instead.

We've been married for 27 years.

@chartier Google Domains (I know I know) don't charge extra for privacy - don't remember if it is the default though.

@thomasfuchs Wow. I got an 800XL as a high school graduation present.

@patience I slept in a waterbed from 87-89 (at college) and my brother had one into the early 90s. Haven't seen one in person since. Still kind of miss it though - it was damn comfortable and toasty warm in the winter.

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I bought my wife baseball tickets for Valentine's Day and got away with it by having the mascot for the local minor league team show up in person at her work to deliver the tickets, along with a rose.

She bought me beer. I totally won twice today :)

@waynedixon @chartier

I watched it when it hit streaming. Pretty dull film, really. I don't remember coming out of it impressed with Zuck. My feeling was he basically got lucky.

Someday we'll look at giving 13-year olds smart phones like we look at giving 13-year olds cigarettes.


@brainwane I LOL'ed at "homeschool porn." TBF, if you are an unschooler you do have all day to produce your fabulous homeschooling blog :)

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