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Tyler Trent, the inspirational college student at Purdue that refused to let terminal cancer get in his way, has died at age 20. RIP.

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“Some thoughts on Social Networking and Usenet”

This reminds me, I should finish writing that “apps that should exist but don’t” blog post. A best practices social media consumption app is one of them.

Things I didn't want to do early in 2019: Move to a new server. But since my host sold out to GoDaddy guess what I'll be doing sometime soon?

I've published a blog post 28 days in a row. Kind of surprised I didn't blow this about day 7. 3 more to go.

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I wrote a script to find the least popular US baby names according to the Social Security Administration.

You don't have to buy your music from Amazon. This tweet will be relevant to about 3 other people that haven't replaced buying and downloading full albums with Spotify or whatever.

I was talking to my mom earlier today on the phone. She has a bad cold and I was telling her that either a Walgreens or CVS nearby would be open so she should go get some cough syrup. When we hung up I checked email and I had just received an email from Walgreens letting me know that my local store was open today. Does anybody think Walgreen's email marketing is that sophisticated, or is that just a weird coincidence?

Watching American Ninja Warrior Junior and these 9 year olds are blowing through a course that I'm not sure I'd get through.

Remember when BlogAds were important? I don't remember them being so important that bloggers posted fake ads to give the appearance of being important to advertisers. If you did that feel free to fess up in the comments ;)

The US Govt. spends millions maintaining Civil War related monuments to racism and hate. Meanwhile roads are crumbling and the safety net is falling apart. But hey, that Robert E Lee statue is nice and shiny!

I'm trying to post a blog post every day this month - which is something I haven't done since 2005 or 2006.

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To the Tumblr refugees: welcome!

Having been on the Internet for over thirty years, I have one piece of advice for creative folks working online:

Control Your Platform.

Don't build a business around Facebook, Tumbler, G+, Geocities, MySpace, AltaVista, or any of these other third parties that claim to offer quick and easy results.

They all go away. Every one of them.

Build your own site. Use third parties to steer people to your site.

Third parties are the devil--useful devils, but devils.

The WKRP Thanksgiving episode available on Amazon Video ends before Carlson closes the show with the best line of the show. I'm requesting a refund of $1.99 on principle.

Somehow, I've had a blog since 2001 yet have never written a Thanksgiving related post. I fixed that today.

Was just doing some math. The annual cost of my wife's Type I diabetes (Medtronic 670G insulin pump with CGM) is $40K per year at retail. And that doesn't include the pump.

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If scientists ever synthesize an element with an atomic mass of 666, I hope they call it "antichristium". That would be metal.

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“For anyone attending Stan Lee’s funeral

Make sure you stay after the ceremony is finished.”

Am I a bad person for laughing at this? 😄

#funny #StanLee #DoneOutOfLove

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