Bitcoin Optech newsletter for the week of 2018-11-06 has been published:

It includes contains a security notice about the C implementation of bech32 address decoding, an analysis of a temporary reduction in the number of segwit blocks, a link to an interesting discussion about future features for LN payments, and a few notable code changes in popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects.

Let's update Carl von Clausewitz for the Cypherpunk era: "[Software] is the continuation of politics by other means."

4 Organizers from Seoul Bitcoin will be around Scaling Bitcoin this upcoming weekend, and will likely have some of our stickers. If you run across any of us...

ask and you shall receive.
(supply is limited. First come first serve)

my first ever serious bitcoin conference talk went... well, I think.

slides here:

Move over Blockstream, Seoul Bitcoin officially has stickers of our own. Come to Seoul if you want some for free. DM if you’d like to buy some and we’ll see what we can do. Shout out to @kcalvinalvin for making this happen!

First tx sent via txTenna (goTenna mesh device. Testing w/ …

Excited about Dev++ in a few days! We will probably be live streaming, if you're into that sort of thing. I am teaching about coin selection and bulletproofs.

A while back I made a popular meme.

So then I went and made the meme real.

Question for @harding: Greg Maxwell recently talked about the old Timestamp attack in Bitcoin on the dev mailing list, so I was trying to understand it and I came across your old post ( ). It seems like you're saying that the difficulty could drop by 75% in 2 weeks with this attack? Or was that part just to mention the max possible drop?

We were confused how much this attack could lower difficulty (1st success)

Also, paging Bitcoiners for a favor:

Would you mind subscribing to the Seoul Bitcoin youtube link and sharing it around? We're looking to get 100 subscribers in order to make available and utilize more features.

This is my 30 minute Intro to Bitcoin presentation. I try to cover the foundation of Bitcoin and what newbies would need to know before taking the next step into the more fun stuff.

Cold Card. Why risk it with an ETF when you can have it all in your hand? Cold Card wallet needs no website or computer to operate, unlike Trezor or Ledger. The security chips use secure elements, and pins can be programmed to brick the wallet in a duress situation. Back up of the wallet is accomplished through removable hi reliability, military grade SD cards available on the site.They are shipping NOW. Next level security for the truly

August meetup in Seoul with @chrispalasz giving the Intro to Bitcoin presentation, Hee Yeong presenting on Bitcoin smart contracts, and @RubenSomsen on sidechains, confidential transactions, banking with Bitcoin, and Bitcoin settlement.

Videos will be up on our Youtube channel within the next week.

Certain things about Twitter are missed: Retweets with comments, tweet threads.

As my follows doubled, I began to see a whole bunch of posts from the same people all in a row. They must have been Twitter addicts and don't realize that it's very apparent on Mastodon.

Check out this excellent presentation from @SeoulBitcoin meetup co-organizer @chrispalasz, talking about how can move forward and an overview of upcoming technical improvements such as Schnorr.

@doweig Buterin's term was a derogatory attack against bitcoin . In reality, BTC is pure, simple & focused. Thus, it's minimalist. Minimalism is the promotion of the things we most value & the removal of everything that distracts us from it.

1. Mastodon supports 2FA, so you should go enable that in settings.

2. Use a vpn or tor if you don't want @nvk to know your ip address(es)

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