Pine marten, acrylics on canvas
Pine martens are mustelids (relatives of weasels) who hunt mostly up in trees, so similar to squirrels, they have bushy tails to help with balance.
#animals #martens #art #paintings #cute


Sure sex is cool but have you ever been close to tragedy
or been close to folks who have?
Have you ever felt a pain so powerful
so heavy you collapse?
never had to knock on wood


Can’t wait to have children of my own so I can take pictures of them in buckets

What are the hip new minced oaths the kids are using these days?


mark wahlberg's son: daddy i need a hug
mark wahlberg: you have to wait til 5:30
mark wahlberg's son: please daddy just one hug
mark wahlberg: i am eating a snack

Oh gosh, today’s Sunday isn’t it? I guess I oughta get ready for some Lord God Jesus Christ posting later today. Goodness gracious. How embarrassing.

boost 2 tell portia ur proud of her for adjusting to a new home in a new state so well

bout to pass out in a pile of crumbs like most nights


Bruce Campbell is just stretched out Kyle MacLachlan

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