Medium needs to stop doing this, or people need to stop using Medium.

It's a website that hosts blogs.

That you read.

it doesn't need your Fooglebaceook account.

@natecull Are there any Medium-adjacent services that you can recommend?

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@christianbundy @natecull If you're looking for an alternative service to use in place of Medium, it's extremely easy to generate a site with Jekyll and publish it to IPFS/Dat or any halfway decent web hosting company.

@alcinnz @natecull

True, I just really enjoy the fact that Medium (and Mastodon) are usable from a plain old web browser -- no server-side install required.

@christianbundy @alcinnz is just as usable from a browser, and I assume Blogspot is still around, and if Livejournal weren't owned by Russia it also would be.

Nothing Medium does is new or special. It's 2000s era blogging - just way more naggy.

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