If you buy my old games, it’ll help fund the development of a new game that I think I’ll be proud of for at LEAST ten minutes after it releases

One of the worst parts of making games is that you have to keep pretending you’re proud and happy with your older work in order to promote it, even though it was written by an absolute fool, a child, a vastly inferior and less thoughtful writer

In the airport in Seattle now… I had a really fun time seeing friends, loved ones, and having a real vacation post-PAX! But I’m also now SO excited to get back and like… start tearing into this huge list of notes I took while watching people play the game

Were you waiting for my lesbian bdsm game Ladykiller in a Bind to be on Itch but no longer on sale before you picked it up? No? Well, it’s currently 100% OF FULL PRICE! THAT’S STILL A PRETTY GOOD DEAL, ACTUALLY loveconquersallgames.itch.io/l

I asked a girl if she had a hair tie and she pulled one off her carabiner and now I truly understand what futch means

Well it took a week but I’m finally starting to feel that post-con drop… honestly, I’m pretty okay with it, though. I’m just looking forward to getting started back to work on Tuesday

Also: the real MVP is the actor for Dr Caspar Darling, who was absolutely giving it 120% the entire time and was perfect

I hate collecting mods that give me an 11% boost to my reload speed, but not as much as I love watching an FMV mad scientist deliver encouragement in the form of a rock music video inside a motel representing my mind, so really, it works out

Okay I finished Control and I cannot tell you the last time I beat a AAA game and immediately wanted to play DLC for it. Some of the mechanics overstayed their welcome for me, but dang if the art direction and wild storytelling didn’t make it super worth it anyway

I went there early and was like “oh, cool, it’s the Black Lodge,” but no, it’s great exactly because it could have stopped with just one gimmick but instead throws in every single idea they had? And it’s SO worth it

I think the Ashtray Maze sequence in Control just might actually be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in an action game. God damn

It’s your lazy day girlfriend, ready to do absolutely fuckin’ nothing but stay in and play videogames

We travelled through a huge rainstorm multiple times but it was sunny and beautiful during our ten minute stop at the beach in Seaside, OR, and we were greeted by a rainbow heading into Washington. God said “gay rights”

Today we went on a road trip taking the scenic route back to Seattle from Portland because Hayley wanted to visit the ocean… it was pretty fun. Turns out the Pacific Northwest is kinda pretty

Also the rest stop in question was “Dismal Nitch,” and it turns out it’s called that bc that’s how the captain of the Lewis and Clark expedition described it in his journal. Just the shittiest possible cove. A hole that sucks. Anyway people apparently spend 20 minutes on average

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