I feel like nobody told me just how much of my time working in Unity would be spent working on serialization

If you told me that setting a sprite’s color in Unity couldn’t happen off the main thread, I would already be angry at you, but nevertheless I was not emotionally prepared to find out the reason why

Real auspicious start to the work day, spending twenty minutes trying to figure out why code that wasn’t being called also wasn’t executing

If I ever write a literary manifesto, please clown on me mercilessly for it. Don’t let me get away with it. Please just copy this image and send it back at me. Fucking destroy me before I start taking myself seriously, or worse, other people do

It’s our responsibility as science fiction writers to make sure you can’t make cool action figures out of whatever our next movement is

Honestly the best quality of life feature in this rerelease is that you can press start at any time to pull up a glossary so you can find out what the fuck FRD. MANT or whatever is supposed to mean

Is it really an owl bear if it’s neither an owl nor a bear? How many teeth is an octopus supposed to have, again? How are there two enemies both named Nessie? And can I PLEASE get a rum and coke, Brian

Anyway Phantasy Star rules because it’s just Final Fantasy except instead of an orb you have a viciously murdered brother and instead of a dramatic cutscene of walking over a bridge 30 minutes in you just get on a spaceship and GO TO ANOTHER PLANET

and just straight up telling you how to solve some of the more inscrutable “puzzles”

Also I like how you open up the manual and the first thing it warns you about is all the fuckin’ potential game-destroying design mistakes they left in

The Sega Ages version of this game is really incredible? Like it’s still definitely a fucking weird game, but the small adjustments (encounter rate hacked different, and automapper) really does a LOT to make it actually playable while maintaining the experience

Personally, I only hate-follow Grendel The Child-Harmer on twitter to keep tabs on him. It’s actually important activism to pump the poison he spews right into my brain. Plus, it’s really hilarious seeing how worked up he gets about wanting to harm children. Oh, that Grendel

Ma'am can you skip the questions and just give me a passport please, I'm kinda in a hurry to kill the king

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