If you buy Ladykiller in the summer sale, I promise I’ll take every dollar it makes and frivolously spend it on making a beach DLC episode for Get in the Car, Loser! so really it’s for a good cause

Hey, did you know? My critically acclaimed erotic lesbian sex comedy Ladykiller in a Bind is 66% off in the Steam sale right now! store.steampowered.com/app/560

It should be illegal for an LCBO to be closed on Pride weekend. It’s homophobia

Something I really liked in Persona 5, Final Fantasy XIII, and some of my other favourite games is that combat is about memorizing specific combinations of enemies, then coming up with an efficient gameplan for them. Hopefully we manage to nail that feel with our encounters too.

So in act 2 of the game, we introduce elemental enemies, but they’re still all different beyond elemental weaknesses. The water Salamander has an attack that does more damage with each turn until you interrupt it, the grass Erox can disable a single character.

Anyway one of my biggest goals—and the more I’ve replayed classic RPGs, the more convinced I am this is necessary—is to make sure every enemy type has distinct behaviour, properties, and forces you to fight it in a specific unique way. If an enemy looks different, it IS different

I have no idea how others handle posting images of late game content. Like do you just stop posting screenshots of things that happen after a certain point? Or certain areas? Or keep bosses under wraps? Or just fuckin’ post whatever? There’s just… so much more than I’m used to

This week I’ve mostly been implementing endgame enemies but I THINK I’ve actually never posted any screenshots of this early combat encounter yet?

Also if you could add it to your wishlist too that would be REALLY helpful and appreciated. Steam uses wishlists to determine popularity so it really helps developers to put it on if you’re interested. THANKS SO MUCH I LOVE Y’ALL 💖

Personally I think tagging something “LGBTQ+” instead of the more accurate “GAY AS FUCK” sounds a little bit corny but begrudgingly I can see how that might cause problems

Hey can y’all do me a solid and add the LGBTQ+ and Female Protagonist tags to Get in the Car, Loser!’s Steam page? Also any others you’d think would be legit store.steampowered.com/app/938

My only hot take is that Neon Genesis Evangelion rerelease day should be a national holiday

HEY TORONTO FRIENDS, does anyone have Dyke March plans this year?

Levels of Star Wars canon:
1. Movies
2. Expanded Universe
3. Legends
4. Infinities
5. A long time ago in a galaxy brain far far away


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