Sorry uhhhhh can you hang in there just a little bit longer Crystal Exarch, it was really important that I fall off this shitty-ass jungle gym twenty times so I could get... uhh... a powerful weapon. Yeah, that's it

Version is now live! This update fixes an issue where loading very specific old save files could cause a crash.

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If I'm having this much fun pressing the wrong buttons imagine how good it'll feel to press the right ones

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Finally got some Melty matches in with the gang and I have learned a lot of things. Okay actually I have learned exactly two things. The first is that I have got to do my god damned homework. I gotta eat my vegetables. I gotta put my safety gear on and clock in at the lab. I gott

Today would have been Raide’s 34th birthday. He’s been gone for two years now and I still don’t know what to say when the anniversary comes around… other than I miss him very dearly.

Here’s a piece of art of his of the love interests from Ladykiller that I really like.

Time to move onto El Cazador de la Bruja… that's the one I watched when it originally aired and got me interested in its predecessors to begin with, so it's also been the longest since I've seen it (not since 2007!) but I've got REAL high hopes

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anyway it’s all completely worth it just for a chance to let yuki kajiura go off as hard as she wants tbh. what a legend

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Anyway Madlax was definitely messier on rewatch and I don’t think the vibes are really quite as good as Noir’s, but it DOES definitely deliver on the post-evangelion psychological metaphysics in a great way. And also whatever this extremely normal thing is

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Girls will LITERALLY create a shadow self to burden with their sins and then abandon in a warzone instead of simply accepting their own will to survive [suddenly remembers that i’m posting on twitter] and go to therapy

MY GIRL: it’s sexy when she’s in the kitchen because she’s working hard to make me food!
ME: it’s sexy when I’m in the kitchen because it’s lowkey kinda perverse watching all the juices get slowly squished out of the cabbage, causing it to then soak in its own brine for hours 👀

Anyway no way I can stay up watching Strive but please tell me what's good tomorrow and I'll watch the clips in between dragging my ass back to Melty like I ought to

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