Logging onto the Garden intranet because it’s been a while and I’ve apparently forgotten just HOW many of the rules are about fucking


Andi just turned to me and dead pan asked “is Quinoa the ship name for Quistis x Rinoa?” and I need a new GF now because I’m unjunctioning this one

Okay, so hold up, question: the final SeeD exam is protecting Dollet from invasion, right? What… would have happened to the exam if that didn’t happen? Does the Galbadian army just invade enough random duchies that the school can expect one to happen during exam period?

You know, it sucks that games stopped having fixed camera angles after they stopped being the result of technical limitations, because it really leads to just consistently really good dramatic shots

Also if they’d made this game today they definitely would have made DLC where you can keep everyone in their school uniforms the entire time, and like not to be a huge lesbian but you BETTER BELIEVE that I would absolutely do that just for Quistis’s sake


This is embarrassing so don’t @ me but honestly I’m still pretty fond of the incredibly naked GF summon animations that made me VERY confused re: the subject of liking women back in 1999

Oh, right. I forgot that it’s a plot point that everyone goes to a specific place in the training center to make out in the middle of the night. Good foreshadowing, intranet page

Honestly the big thing jumping out at me this playthrough is the way they’re using the more realistic character proportions to make everyone really expressive with animations, there’s actually a lot of wordless bits where they communicate entirely with physicality—and it WORKS

It reminds me of how expressive the Chrono Trigger sprites could be, but also they get to be WAY more versatile about it, since, y’know, 3D is incredibly cheap to make one-off animations for. And it lets them do a lot of physical comedy without sabotaging the writing’s momentum


Honestly it’s a huge bummer that most RPGs since have not met the admittedly-high bar of providing flavour text for your abilities by way of talking about how your dog is connected to the moon. The Drakengard/Nier series can hang too but everyone else is on SHORT NOTICE

Playing a PSX era Square RPG is just an exercise in muttering “how on earth did you justify this in the budget” every two minutes. Current example: this battle background that only appears during ONE encounter against two generic goons on a single screen of Timber

Also Timber is such a great RPG town? It feels SO well inhabited; from the indie publisher you keep finding magazines from, to everyone knowing Rinoa as a local dissident, to the quirky hotel and its check-in machine… it REALLY sells “small hippie town” without being sparse

Oh man, I forgot that a plot point is that nobody in the world has been able to use radio communication since the Sorceress War, because Adel has been jamming every signal with her screaming from her space prison for the past 17 years

I haven't unlocked any of the truly weird summons in the game—I remember that they get absolutely fucking WILD by disc 3—but the joke where the Brothers' summon animation is just them playing rock-paper-scissors to see who gets thrown at the enemy is pretty solid

Remember the thing where the younger brother only talks in upper case and the older brother only talks in lower case? No??

Not only does this plot point rule, but it’s even better that Squall just IMMEDIATELY offers to throw down with her dad, unprompted, if that’s what Rinoa wants

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@christinelove the military industrial complex is such that Garden hires Galbadia to stage an invasion of Dollet every year at the same time

@christinelove ...Adel? If IRL Adele destroys the internet, then FFVIII will have usurped MGS2's crown for future predictions.

@christinelove My strongest memory of FF8 is Squall going "I WON'T HAVE ANYONE TALKING ABOUT ME IN THE PAST TENSE" and running out of the room.

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@christinelove nothing cheaper than something free, except for when someone pays you to take something. hell yeah negative cost

@christinelove I love FFVIII sooo much. But haven't played since late 90s. Really need to get on it. That intro!

@christinelove I find those kinda frustrating sometimes because I want to see the world around me

@christinelove I think the boring answer is Garden always has enough prospects that they can find something suitable around exam time

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