@melunaka They have very much been an internet phenomenon in my experience, which isn't a judgement or anythin'

@christinelove I mean, I don’t understand why people fight for a flag when in fact it don’t appear anywhere outside our communities; sorry I’m kinda bitter today :/

@melunaka I'm just happy to see some actual facts because people are saying all kinds of uncited stuff

@christinelove @noiob Ahhh thanks, this is interesting and explains a lot!

@christinelove I really liked this post (hell yeah for sources!) except for the concluding statements :O ! yes, the rainbow flag is for everyone, but I feel like there wouldn’t be as much of a push for a lesbian flag if we weren’t interested in having our own symbols- I know I very much so want to have a recognizable flag to show my sexual orientation alongside my gender identity.
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