I spent the day reading the Headley translation of Beowulf and it turns out: it absolutely whips? I didn't really think much of Beowulf before, but the energy it provides even to the boring scenes where people are just hanging around talking shit is TREMENDOUS

@christinelove I totally wasn't expecting a translation like that but I already love it. (Makes me think of a Beowulf short story I wrote for high school English.)

@christinelove it occurs to me that it would be perfect for me to start learning Old English again. the translation provides enough of the spirit that you have a rough idea of what it must be saying, but doesn't give the game away, so that you can still practice by recovering the original literal meaning. and then you're rewarded by peeking at what the translator was looking at when she chose those solutions.

@christinelove I love all the kennings and alliterative rhymes and stuff! Really a lovely translation.

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