It’s been a year to the day since Raide—my friend and co-creator of Analogue, Hate Plus, and Ladykiller—passed away.

Something I decided to do was put some of my favourite pieces of his up above my desk, so he’d still be with me in some way every day. These are the ones I picked

I told myself I wasn’t going to grieve in public until I was ready and I’m still not. But I really miss you, friend. I can’t imagine what my life would be like today if he hadn’t believed in me, and I’m deeply grateful.

He’d definitely be annoyed at me ending on such a somber note, though, so here’s an Asuka Ninomiya keychain he also made, and sent to me in a giant care package of every zine he picked up one year in Japan that made him think of me. Thanks. 💖

@christinelove my deepest condolences, I never met them but the creations you made together were very special and I can only imagine how much they meant to you

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