My lesbian road trip RPG "Get in the Car, Loser!" will be coming out this September! Learn more at

Thank you all so much, it’s been really heartening and encouraging to see how excited everyone is for it… 😭✨ I’m looking forward to sharing more about the game over the next month, and everyone finally getting to meet Sam and the gang in September!

@christinelove been looking forward to this for so so long, yr games are always amazing! 😍

@christinelove the UI looks amazing, one complaint tho
everything looks just a little too slow, it's kinda in the "uncanny valley," where it feels just between fast and slow

kinda like how some RPG games make NPCs move faster than your walking speed and slower than your running speed

@christinelove (oh, another complaint, the UI in the dialogue part looks too crowded, esp in fullscreen)
(also maybe put the health of enemies atop/under them?)

(don't ask why i care about UIs this much)

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