@Gargron best wishes dude, I don't know how you deal with all this crap that comes with being a great innovator

After spending 3-4 hours cleaning the house for the inlaws yesterday, my reaction to seeing the remains of my wife's cooking in the kitchen.

John McAfee said (several times) he would "eat his own dick" if bitcoin was less than $1m on 12/31/2020. Let the countdown begin!


when you're such a degen that you're gambling on where chinese satellites will impact on re-entry

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That's quite sad.

I often see people complaining publicly about Mastodon development here, but I almost never see people thanking @Gargron and contributors for the work they're doing.
I'm sure most people have more positive feedback than negative to make but don't.

Mastodon might have its problems but it's still a great piece of software.

Send some love to Gargron and others.
Or contribute. This is free software, you know.

@damnablebear 12 yards long, two lanes wide, 65 tons of american pride

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@Gargron this whole site is just a ploy to get loads of new people introduced to the devin townsend project

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Wreck-it Ralph is still one of my favourite films and getting to show it to someone hasn't seen it is wonderful. <3

@quint I have a compsci degree from like 15 years ago, I do web apps, so it allows me to hide my shame ;-)

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