idk anything about the fediverse or the internet or open source or programming or computers or etc. other than being raised by the internet, idk anything. incredibly curious about how the whole thing works. how does it all apply within a revolutionary framework. maybe some ppl here can help me learn. we'll see. this seems like a really cool space so far.


federation is sending and receiving information between different things that form a network. think about street addresses and postal mail, or how email works, or how the international telephone system works, etc. it all works together.

the fediverse is basically made up of websites that talk to each other using the same definitions. why should websites all be separate, except to trap people and make money from them? better to make an open and shared network on the World Wide Web.

@chrussyluv the really cool thing is that when you dont have an incentive to lock people in, you can have radically noncommercial spaces, which is so rare in today's world. that lets people be more free to be themselves.

@chrussyluv oh, this is going to be a good thread. I'd say open source is pretty close to communism, and that's what the internet is built on. People want a thing, have skills in an area, and contribute their free time to build said thing with their skills. All for free. All to be a part of something bigger.
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