More than 20 African countries have joined together to plant a giant wall of trees that will run across the continent to stop the spread of the Sahara Desert. The Great Green Wall of Africa will stretch for 7,000 kilometres, from coast to coast right across the continent.


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@chucker Thats a sort of Wall the Mexicans may would pay for.

@chucker …. is there any source for this other than the one person saying it on twitter?

The comments on this Twitter post are priceless! Reforestation is very effective.

@chucker @invaderxan

I hadn't heard abut the until right now. I immediately wanted to find out how to support it and I found out I already do! supports the wall among many other projects world wide.

There is also which I already support, more specifically their side project seems to be active in that region.
I'll try to scrape some money together and invest asap.

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