I'm slightly bemused by this Wikipedia article that lists programming languages in chronological order.

According to the article, three of the five most recently released languages are C++, C, and Fortran


Now, I get that it's referring to new *versions* of those languages released in the past year or two. But it's not like other languages haven't *also* released new versions/editions. So I'm still not sure what's up with the list.

@codesections I dunno, seems pretty clear that it's, eh, C++17, C18, and Fortran 2018...

...which seems to beg why they have these "big year-tagged new versions" instead of something more understated like #semver


@max @codesections but C# 8 and Swift 5 also came out this year. If it wants to list major releases, why are those missing?

(This seems fundamentally flawed.)

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