Here’s an image that lives rent free in my head.
Yeah. At no cost, like vehicles that have access to freely take up public space, yet people who do the same are treated like criminals.
Let’s talk public space.


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@chucker I'd like to point you to the lovely „Parkraumwunder” (~ Parking Space Miracle) project from Stuttgart. 🔗: (only in DE)

Funny enough, due to some historic quirks in German traffic laws, as a „pushcart” being to large for the sidewalk, it is completely fine for you to drag it on the street lanes (AFAIK).

I think I might have posted this before, but it's such a goldie so I thought I share it again with
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For people in DE: If you're interested in building something like this: Last year, the eco-oriented had a small grant programme:

Don't know for 2021, but with this stupid pandemic and what not...

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