It's slowed down a little bit over here, I gotta say. But you're still nicer than Twitter, Mastodon. <3

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@chuckwendig A bit yeah. I kinda like that it’s a bit slower over here? I dunno. I don’t get that same emotional exhaustion.

@chuckwendig It's rater predictable. Twitter/someone on Tw does something stupid->Mastodon influx->Much activity->Major slowdown->Repeat. Seems like the slowdowns aren't as big as they used to be, and that's a good thing.

@chuckwendig Damn, now I'm thinking, "quick, come up with something entertaining to toot to make the TL move faster"

@Gargron @chuckwendig but not too fast. I like to savor the tastiest toots and feel terrible when I am rushed.

@chuckwendig I kinda like being able to keep up with things. Now when I switch to Twitter and I see all my lists updating I can feel the information overload.

@chuckwendig Mind if I ask what resources you used when writing your Star Wars books? I recently wrote a short for one of the comics and it was surprisingly HARD.

(Lots of fun, but hard.)

@fasterthanshaun Resources? Um, stupid answer, I guess, but the standard: TV shows, films, canon books and comics.

@chuckwendig It happens in bursts of activity... The past few days have been more signal less noise...

@chuckwendig The Mastodon snowball may be stuck on a ledge, but the twitter handbasket is still going downhill. Things were so much nicer before the election.

@chuckwendig I've also noticed the slowdown, but I like it here so much it's worth the slower drip.

Glad you like it here. <3

@chuckwendig it's like waves ahead of a tide. There are surges of activity and then people get back on their old habit. The average activity has still gone up though. 😀 There will be another wave. There always is.


Some of us prefer "sedate" over "slow".

We are in no rush. There is time to think about what reply to make, if any.

(Perilously Pompous Personal Perspective)

@chuckwendig Welcome to the wonderful world of early adoption. :)

@chuckwendig We all got worked up by your arrival, then resumed our normal mellow somnolence.

(Hey, I need to work the word "somnolence" into one of my tech books. Having to look words up really annoys my computer-geek readers.)

@mwlucas @chuckwendig a non-trivial number of us just assume it means whatever we guess it means because we are classy well-educated aubergines who are rarely wrong.

@chuckwendig True, but lots of cute animal pix and relatively little hostility. Still figuring this out though.

@chuckwendig I'd love to be able to read where I left off here and then read in chrono order. Mastodon just feels more awkward. And I'm really owner here for a handful of authors like you. :)

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