so what're you guys doing, eating some TidePods or what

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@chuckwendig Polishing NO COUNTRY FOR OLD GNOMES in preparation for delivery to the Metal Editor

@chuckwendig I finally looked this up after you mentioning it a few times today (here and elsewhere). What the fuck is wrong with people?

@chuckwendig In the future, it's all that is left for us to eat....just a rabid, Mad Max nation addicted to Tide Pods.

@chuckwendig omnomnom hey wait this doesn't taste like candkga;he;iarogaje

@chuckwendig I don't eat them, I just lick them all so no one else can either.

@chuckwendig HI I’m coloring mermaids and for once that’s not a metaphor.

@kalcobalt "Coloring Mermaids" does sound like a good memoir title

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