@chuckwendig - I have some thoughts on Imposter Syndrome, but they’re not ground breaking thoughts and I doubt anyone would want to hear about them.

@chuckwendig I have massive impostor syndrome with almost everything I do :/ I guess I struggle to feel the "illicit entry" joy of it, because most of the circles I feel an imposter in involve struggling small academics/game devs/writers, so I both feel I can't compare my work to theirs and feel that it'd be unfair if I DID get in alongside people who devote their lives to things better & probably need the recognition & money more than I do.

@chuckwendig Yes, let's.

I usually only get it when an awful jerkhole person gets a book deal and I'm sitting on $0 of sales for the year.

@chuckwendig ooh, i like that second take a lot. also, this applies to me-the-person-that-draws-images as well as me-the-person-who-codes-stuff.

@chuckwendig What advice do you give to someone who has progressed from Impostor Syndrome to Impostor Disease?

@chuckwendig Frankly, I know that I'll never get rid of impostor syndrome (yes, it happens to non-creatives, too), so I try to *use* it: if I'm going to know that I'm not good enough, I'll always be on the hunt for ways to MAKE myself be less sucky.

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