Wow it turns out masks do help limit disease transmission. Thx CDC and white house, without your lightning fast decision making, this disease could have infected every major city and even some nice rural areas. 😷

God wants you to cover your face in public. Dont be a tool of the devil and covid 19. Cute sloots mssge me

قد و هیکل و قیافش مقداری به دلم ننشست🚶🏼‍♀️
[حالا انگار خودم چی‌ام]

New greeting at fast food places "Hi retard welcome to corona central. How would you like your contagion?

I got in trouble and sent home for opening the back door to air out the kitchen after the coughing but totally not sick person left.

Im getting my hours cut because iv been wearing a n 95 mask to work. Im going to start wearing the p100 i got and see if they fire me for being a non disease spreader

Saw an employee coughing while putting vegetAbles away at the grocery store the other day .
Almost nobody is wearing masks.
I have a feeling were trying to get the high score for dead people

Live in small town america.
Work in fast food.
Coworker is coughing,red face,snot dripping out of face but they say its just allergies.
Other coworker says they licked a table at school today to prove they aint afraid.
Manager says convid 19 is just the flu and not any more deadly.
Local police officer came through a couple days ago and said its the biggest hoax of 2020.
Rumors about every town around us having a case.


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